Family Acupuncture
and Wellness

In Loving Commitment to the ongoing work and Vision of Bob Duggan.

Welcome to WisdomWell

Welcome to WisdomWell, a center for family wellness, featuring acupuncture, herbalism and nutrition, massage, individual yoga, craniosacral therapycounseling and coaching, and wellness consulting.

At WisdomWell, we share a few simple yet powerful philosophies:

  • The body is wise
  • You can be your best “primary care provider”
  • Nature is one of our greatest teachers
  • Wellness is about the day-to-day and is best achieved in community

We’re designing WisdomWell to be a gathering place where we can listen to each other’s stories and where the generations can come together.  Where the elders can mentor the youngers.  Where moms and dads can share their concerns and successes with other moms and dads.  Where kids can build healthy habits to last a lifetime.  Where we can all be more present to each other and help each other shift from a depleting lifestyle overflowing with busyness and constant stimulation to a more nourishing lifestyle that’s more life-sizable and honors being as much as doing.

We invite you to try one of our services, enroll in a class, or work with us to create a community wellness offering.  Come join us as we partner each other through life’s journey.